Malin Wiederholm, Product Manager. Photo: Jeanette Hägglund

Malin Wiederholm

Product Manager

Phone: +46 (0)70-246 88 74

My work at Uppsala BIO:

I am a Product Manager for BIO-X®, Uppsala BIO’s process for targeted innovation. I am responsible for the strategic development of the BIO-X concept and the operational execution of various calls, as well as its adaptation to, for example, Testa Center. 

I also follow-up and analyse BIO-X-inspired programs – such as Swelife – to encourage innovation based on market needs rather than technological opportunities.

“It’s exciting to be part of the entire process from early idea to commercially-verified innovation.”

Why I work at Uppsala BIO:

Uppsala BIO occupies a unique position as an independent party between society, industry, healthcare and academia. It’s exciting to gain an insight into all the different parts of the innovation system and participate in the entire process from early idea to commercially-verified innovation. Helping to develop the life science sector in Uppsala is also meaningful and important.

I am passionate about:

Developing targeted innovation strategies, where market pull rather than technology push determines which innovations are funded and highlighted. What I find especially inspiring is pushing through changes that initially are considered impossible. A good day at work is when you spontaneously end up in discussions that launch exciting new thoughts and ideas at a higher strategic level. Then I sleep well at night!

My education:

Master’s degrees in Molecular Biology and Entrepreneurship.

My previous work experience:

My upbringing in an entrepreneurial family brought me into early contact with everything from business development to customer relations. I soon tested my wings selling lemonade and running a parking lot for caravans! My interest in life science made mixing science and entrepreneurship an obvious choice, so rounding off my studies at Uppsala University’s School of Entrepreneurship was a natural part of my development.

I have previously worked with market analysis in life science, where I focused on mapping commercial landscapes and actors, as well as market sizing for new and innovative therapies.

As a very structured individual, it felt natural to participate in and develop BIO-X within the framework of Uppsala BIO. Part of this work also included mustering Sweden around this innovation model, which has made BIO-X a very strong brand.

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