Uppsala life science cluster

Together we are Uppsala life science. All is found within 10 km, which is a strong contributing factor to Uppsala’s success – always close to skills, innovation and infrastructure. 

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100+ companies

The companies are found in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technology and diagnostics. Many have research & development, production and marketing & sales in Uppsala. Marketing & sales is important in an industry that exports 95% of its products; the region gains expertise in foreign markets and important networks.

Supporting companies

A number of business support companies have evolved; everything from lawyers and staffing companies to real estate groups. This is an important addition to the pool of competence.

Education and academic research

Uppsala has a long tradition in life science research, with several universities and its teaching hospital. The region is also home to the Technology College, a collaboration between industry and educators that tailors training programmes to local needs.

National centres

Uppsala has a number of national centres, with expertise and advanced infrastructure available to the companies. These cover areas such as clinical research, bioprocess development and advanced equipment for studying biomolecules.


There are also important national authorities in the region, such as the Swedish Medical Products Agency, the National Food Agency and the National Veterinary Institute.

Support from public actors

The life science sector is supported by a number of public players. Uppsala BIO works to promote growth by working for new establishments, creating meeting places and networks, and marketing Uppsala life science. Furthermore, UIC’s business incubator is ranked number 4 in the world, while the university’s own Innovation Office and holding companies support researchers wishing to commercialise their innovations. ALMI provides both business advice and loans and acts as an early investor. Uppsala municipality also plays an active part in supporting the sector.


Innovation support system

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Helena Ströberg, M.Sc., Business Development. “I am passionate about creating opportunities so that players in the life science industry become more successful, thus contributing to growth in our region as well as in Sweden.”

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