Life science in Uppsala

Uppsala boasts over one hundred companies in the life science sector employing over 5000 people with a combined turnover of SEK 28 billion. The region’s companies encompass pharmaceuticals, biotech, medtech and diagnostics, thereby demonstrating Uppsala’s life science diversity.

The companies can be subdivided into three categories based on size and turnover, from small start-ups via SMEs to large, multi-national corporations. Five large companies constitute 70% of the region’s employees and turnover. All have on-site manufacturing.

Source: Uppsala BIO

The top 10 life science companies in Uppsala


Employees Uppsala profile
GE Healthcare Biosciences 1177 R&D, Manuf., M&S
Fresenius Kabi 947 R&D, Manuf., M&S
Thermo Fisher Scientific 544 R&D, Manuf., M&S
Galderma 469 R&D, Manuf., M&S
Recipharm Uppsala 203 R&D, Manuf.
Quintiles 174 Service
J&J (AMO) 121 Manufacturing
GEMS PET Systems 105 R&D, Manuf., M&S
Orexo 102 R&D
Oasmia 75 R&D, Manuf., M&S

2016. Source: The Swedish Companies Registration Office/

Number of employees per category

Number of employees_2016

Number of companies per category

Number of companies_2016

Turnover (MSEK) per category


2016. Source: The Swedish Companies Registration Office/


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Annual report 2017. Eighteen development and marketing initiatives completed. (pdf in Swedish)


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