Karin Carlsson


+46 (0)70 406 59 30

My work at Uppsala BIO:

Mainly finance and administration, but also some project reporting. 

“There’s a lot going on in the life sciences right now and it’s exciting to be involved in all the interesting projects run by Uppsala BIO and STUNS.”

Why I work at Uppsala BIO:

Uppsala BIO is an exciting organization and life science is an interesting sector with a lot happening. It’s fun to be part of all the projects run by Uppsala BIO and STUNS.

I am passionate about:

I’m a true economist. I like it when things are well-ordered and accounted for! 

My education:

Masters Degree in Business administration from Lund University 2013.

My previous work experience:

I previously worked as an economist in the Swedish Armed Forces. In addition to my current position at Uppsala BIO and STUNS, I also work as a financial assistant at UUH (Uppsala University Holding AB).

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