Helena Ströberg, M.Sc., Business Development. Photo: Jeanette Hägglund


Helena Ströberg

M.Sc., Business Development

Phone +46 (0)72-577 04 51

My work at Uppsala BIO:

I mainly work to attract players / companies to Testa Center, where academic research groups, start-ups, SMEs and larger companies can verify their technical or biological innovations in an authentic bioprocessing facility.

Why I work at Uppsala BIO:

Being ‘where it happens’ excites me! And so much is happening in the life science industry right now. Since I also have long and solid experience of this sector, this new assignment suits me perfectly!

“The life science industry is where things are happening! And I am passionate about creating opportunities to make its players more successful.”

I am passionate about:

Creating opportunities so that players in the life science industry become more successful, thus contributing to growth in our region as well as in Sweden.

My education:

Laboratory Assistant education in Microbiology plus MSc in Biotechnology with a Degree Project at CSIRO, Sydney, Australia.

My previous work experience:

Early on, as a Technical Support Specialist at Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, I realised the importance of creating good relationships to achieve success. Working as a Key Account Manager at the same company further deepened this insight, which greatly benefitted my strategic interaction with marketing and development, primarily within Protein Analysis / Biomolecular Imaging.

I then moved on and worked for a couple of years as Global Brand Manager for Restylane at Galderma. It was exciting to work with a medtech product aimed at consumers. What’s more, the regulatory aspects were interesting and there were clinical indications as well.

As a programme manager for the business incubator Uppsala Innovation Centre, I had the privilege of working actively with business development support for entrepreneurs and start-ups. The experiences and networks gained there will now be put to good use in my new role at Uppsala BIO.